Advice for Raising Money For ICS

This week I reached my target for my ICS fundraising!

The highly desirable golden starburst…

To take part on a volunteer opportunity with ICS, they ask you to fundraise for the charity you will be working with. They give you a target (usually £800, but its £1500 if your parents have a high income) and some advice on how to go about it.

I was a bit pessimistic and didn’t really think anyone would want to donate to my cause, and I wondered how I would raise money when my friends live far away from me. But I reached my target thanks to loads of support from family and friends. I thought I would share how my fundraising went in case anybody else is feeling daunted by the prospects! Continue reading “Advice for Raising Money For ICS”


DIY Party Decorations from Book Pages for a Literature Party

Over Christmas my parents hosted their annual “Christmas Cracker”. They don’t actually call it a Christmas Cracker, that’s just what it has come to be known as. They love themes, and this year’s theme was “Literature”.

Mother bought a couple of poor quality books and asked me to make some decorations, and this is what I made…

Book Page Bunting

This must be one of the easiest and most effective crafts I’ve ever done. I was inspired by this tutorial from Brooklyn Limestone that I found on pinterest.

Materials: String, unwanted book, sticky tape, string

1. Rip a lot of pages out of a book.

2. Use a blank page to make a template shaped like this… (you may wish to fold this page in half to make it easier

3. Cut out 1 gazillion pages in this shape
4. Go through the book pages and put them in a pile so all the most attractive pages are facing down. Title pages for example can be very pretty so you want that facing outwards once the bunting is hung up.

5.Take your string and start sticking the triangles to it at equal intervals. If you want this to last longer you could fold the top band over to encase the string, and use double-sided sticky tape or glue. But if you’re just making it for a party give yourself a break and take the easy option.

6.To avoid tangling the bunting up its easier to make a series of short lengths of bunting as opposed to one long one.
Note: As you can see I got a bit creative and cut heart shapes into the middle of some of my bunting.
Old Book Christmas Tree

This is quite a festive craft but you could easily adapt it for other occasions.
1. Take a book and rip the cover off.
2. Draw the outline of half a Christmas tree on the first page.
3. Taking a bunch of pages at a time, start cutting out following this outline until all the pages are that shape
4. Flex the spine about a bit so and stand the book up fully open. IT LOOKS SICK!!

To go with the Literature Themed Decorations, my parents arranged some Literature Themed Games!
Firstly they invited everybody to bring a quote from one of their favourite books or poems and we stuck them on the wall. Then we tried to guess which books they came from.
My sister printed off lots of pictures of book covers with the titles removed, to see if we knew which books they were from.
Finally, my dad wrote a quiz about books.
All those activities turned out much funner than you’d expect!

DIY Mermaid Rave Bra

To celebrate the end of exams in Manchester, the union organises a massive ‘festival’ that we bought tickets for in NOVEMBER and were then incredibly excited for the next three months. Its called Pangaea and, like me, its pretty much a BIG deal. I was so excited that by the time I started sorting out my costume I’d forgotten what the theme was! I thought it was “Under the Sea”, it was actually “The Lost City”, but the results were basically the same. They fill the union building with lots of house music and decorations and everyone (who is worth their sea salt) dresses up.

I started my costume with an amazing blue, velvet maxi skirt me and my mate RACH found in COW Vintage in Manchester. Its the perfect shade of blue to be the sea and I decided to be a mermaid. Usually I look nothing like what I want to look like but this costume I reckon was okay. The main focal point was a mermaid bra I made myself, after seeing some amazing examples online for ‘rave bras’.

Mermaid Rave Bra Tutorial


Bra: the bra was perfect, I got it from H&M in the sale (£7). I saw a few other people in this bra on the night but nobody else had decorated it!
Shells and flowers: ebay
Pearls: necklaces from Primark
anndddd you need a glue gun! I got mine for £6 from Amazon.

The process is easy and really fun. I didn’t really plan what I wanted to do, but just kept adding more and more stuff until I liked how it looked. I tried to make the shells focal points, then surrounded them with flowers, and added pearls for highlights. Try it on a few times as you make it to make sure it looks balanced!

I was going to use fabric glue until I saw this video by Andrea Garcia. The glue gun is the best way to stick stuff on, its very secure and gives the bra a lot of structure. Barely anything fell off, apart from a few pearls.

I wore it withe the blue skirt, a flower garland I pinned into my hair and purple lipstick. Originally I was going to wear the bra without anything underneath it but it turned out to be a bit big, so I borrowed my housmate’s bandeau to protect my modesty. It was really really fun to wear something so sparkly.

omg i look great.
 if you have any questions or feedback on the bra please comment and I’ll answer them 🙂