Crossing borders

This week we spent an evening with one of the local families, as one of our friends was leaving the next day to work in another country. He’s only in his early twenties, but is leaving behind two children to go and earn money abroad, where work is better paid.

Last week, when I went to Sunday Mass, in the bidding prayers they made a special mention to those people who have travelled far from their families and are living without them. This immediately made me think upon my own situation, being quite far from home myself. But the prayer wasn’t aimed at me. It was aimed at the congregation’s many family members who have decided to travel far and wide in order to find work and send money back home.

Here it seems that economic migration is a daily reality. In England it is normal to move around or head to big cities to work. But here, where there is no internet for miles, and a Nicaraguan passport comes with fewer privileges than a UK one, travelling for work can mean dangerous and expensive journeys, and leaving your closest family with virtually no means of contacting them. Continue reading “Crossing borders”

Packing list for ICS

This week I have been ill, which has basically involved numerous visits to the latrine and curling up in a ball on my bed, moaning gently and listening to Justin Bieber (amiright girls that’s how we spend the day when we know what’s up). Anyway, we have one month of the programme left which means the next group of volunteers will be preparing and fundraising now to do ICS in Nicaragua, and elsewhere, and may be stressing over what to pack. I searched for post that explained “What to pack for ICS” but nothing was very detailed. So this isn’t a very entertaining post, its basically a detailed packing list with tips which hopefully anyone doing ICS will find useful??? And it is specifically about doing ICS in El Bramadero, but can be suitable for any rural destination. Continue reading “Packing list for ICS”